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Fly Café is a comfortable, open style restaurant that offers scrumptious, local, international, and vegetarian cuisine. The café is famous for the ‘World’s Best BBQ Ribs’, ‘Bali’s Best Burgers’, the ‘Island’s Best Key Lime Pie’, gourmet pizzas, and Jimbaran style seafood, including Grilled Mahi-Mahi Fillet, Grilled King Prawns, and Grilled Squid. Yum! 

Regular customers comprise of colourful locals and expatriates, and tourists who enjoy dining at Fly Café every time they visit the magical, tropical island of Bali.

And Fly Café even attracts celebrities like Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem who dined at Fly Café during the filming of Eat Pray Love, staring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.

A second restaurant, Warung Fly is located next door to Fly Café, offering ready prepared, fast, spicy, authentic Indonesian cuisine. Cheap and Yummy! 

Enjoy free live music every Saturday night from 7.30 to 10pm. Academics and Barflies are welcome to join the free Flyday Night Quiz every Friday night from 7.30 to 10pm. And WiFi is free from 8am to 10pm every day of the week.

Fly Cafe Ubud

Some Words Of Praise For Fly Café

The following is a small selection of comments that have been published in travel guidebooks, newspapers, magazines, and online. Read what customers have to say about Fly Café.

Quirky Café‚ Offers Offbeat Respite To Visitors

Chisato Hara, The Jakarta Post.

Off the beaten track of the central thoroughfares of Ubud, Bali, crowded with boutiques, spas, trendy cafés and their denizens, is a lovely, inconspicuous eatery that offers refreshment amid colorful artwork and the swinging sounds of Jazz and Blues.

Opened in 2003 along a flat stretch of road en route to the Ayung River in Banjar Lungsiakan, the telltale, bright red Bintang Beer neon sign signals a rewarding pit-stop for cyclists who have just survived the grueling uphill climb from Ubud, or for sightseers who have been strolling along the beautiful bunds of the local rice fields. 

The open walls of the café let in the constant, cool breeze from the rice paddies beyond, while cushioned lounge chairs in cream offset the golden bamboo rafters.

The quirky named Fly Café is owned by a local from Lungsiakan who also owns Warung Fly located next door. At any given time of day, visitors can spot the owner’s Australian partner who bears a striking resemblance to Robert de Niro, sans his trademark moles, perched atop a barstool, enjoying a meal or a glass of red wine, and chatting with locals and guests alike. 

Dubbed "a popular place with a stupid name" by Lonely Planet, Fly Café‚ is actually a play on an Australian joke.

"It's the national symbol," said the de Niro lookalike, who has lived in Bali for the last 19 years. "Do you know the great Australian salute?" He demonstrates, flapping his hand about his face as though warding off a cloud of flies. "At one time, flies were everywhere in Australia, and it became a running joke," he chuckled. 

"Thank the Gods it's Flyday" is the café’s motto, and after stopping for a quick bite or two, it becomes clear that every day is a Flyday.

With an extensive, yet select local and international menu, each dish has been tried and tested rigorously for consistency of flavor and longevity among the ever-changing palates of today's diners. The Fly can lay claim to this with confidence, as the spicy hot chicken wings and grilled chicken panini, ordered on two separate occasions, both tasted as fresh and as flavorsome each time.

The organic Caesar salad is cool and crisp, with just enough dressing to lend a faint aroma of garlic and anchovies, and the marriage of hummus and homemade pita bread sliced into triangles is an appetizer delicacy, while the pumpkin soup draws out the sweetness of the squash with lemongrass, coconut milk and ground chili. 

The panini is grilled to perfection, its crisp crust conceals a fluffy underside, brushed with olive oil, that has soaked in the juices of the filling.

All of the breads are baked on the premises, and the pizza is grilled, with generous toppings atop a thin crust. The Pizza ala Fly is recommended.

Desserts are simple ice creams, pancakes (honey or caramel) or the Balinese crepe, but the one to opt for is the lemon chocolate crunch cake, or the Lime Pie ala Fly. Imagine a delicious key lime pie with a homemade base that’s better than the traditional crust.


Fly Café‚ presents international staples such as grilled Panini sandwiches, tortilla wraps, gourmet pizzas, pastas, Indian and Thai curries, as well as traditional favorites like barbecued pork ribs, steaks, and grilled seafood, and an all-day selection of breakfast items, including yummy Eggs Benedict. 

Of course, Fly also has the requisite nasi goreng, nasi campur, mie goreng, saté, tuna sambal matah, and opor ayam, amongst many other local dishes, all at Bali prices.

In addition, a big selection of the menu is vegetarian, offering light, yet filling dishes such as Indian samosas, spicy Thai pumpkin soup, penne mushrooms and cream, veggie burger, chicken wrap, veggie pie, and spinach & cheese schnitzel.


All the ingredients used at Fly Café are local produce, with fresh vegetables delivered daily, direct from Bedugul farms, and selected organic farmers. 

Surprisingly, the drinks list includes tropical ale that comes from Storm Brewing, a local microbrewery. The smooth, spiced blend and creamy head is reminiscent of Pete's Ale in the U.S.

And the de Niro lookalike said, "Well, people tell me I look like de Niro but I don't see it, and then one day, my family and I were walking past a movie poster and my son said, Dad, that's you'." 

Fly Café Jalan Raya Lungsiakan Ubud Bali Indonesia 80571.
Open seven days a week from 8am to 10pm.
For home delivery, call (0361) 975440.

Value Restaurant Ubud

Any Flies On Fly Café?

Tex, The Bud Magazine.

Oath mate! Big brass ones on the walls! Fly Café was dubbed by Lonely Planet as a popular place with a stupid name that relates to the great Australian tradition of swatting flies from the face, which has come to be known as the Great Australian Salute!

The restaurant is situated on Jl. Raya Lungsiakan, atop the hill midway between the Tjampuhan Bridge and the Sayan/Payangan T-intersection.

It is owned by a local village woman whose Australian partner mingles daily with the loyal clientele who consistently drop in and take up residence upon the comfy cane wicker chairs, nattering happily with one another at the communal tables.

Fly achieves its aim of having a high-quality, diverse menu with great value. Their very decent wine list offers quaffable imported house red and white wines by the glass, and the wacky cocktails include Fly Opener, Fly By Night, and Fly Blown.

Their Eggs Benedict, with its potent freshly made hollandaise, is a treat and the coarse ground hummus is a garlicky must. The Caesar Salad with organic Romaine lettuce and Caesar’s original dressing is another hot ticket.

For mains, the Aussie inspired Mahi-Mahi fish and chips offer large fillets of crumbed fish with crispy fries. There are pizzas, pastas, burgers, wraps and grilled Panini sandwiches as well as a popular Jimbaran style seafood selection. The extensive vegetarian range includes spinach and cheese schnitzel, Indian vegetable curry and veggie burger, and for those with a sweet tooth the Key Lime Pie Ala Fly and Lemon Cream Chocolate Crunch Cake are delicious treats, both baked on the premises.

The highlight at Fly Café is the honey-varnished barbecued Pork Spare Ribs with a secret sauce made from more than 20 separate ingredients. Bloody spectacular, mate! Also the free Flyday Night Quiz and free internet connection, BYO laptop, are worth a salute! No flies on this one. Top notch nosh!


Read What Lonely Planet Has To Say

Buzz in to this popular place with a silly name for good meals of Western and Indonesian food. A bar and very comfortable wicker seats pull in loungers and talkers.


Some Nice Comments From Trip Advisor

Read what some happy customers have to say about Fly Café. These comments have been posted on Trip Advisor, a highly respected online travel guide.

Ribs-On The-Grill

“BBQ Ribs And A Cold Beer” Darwin Jaffa

Open from breakfast until late this place is an oasis for those wanting a local experience away from the bustle and crowds on the main street of Ubud.

Frequented by interesting expats, it’s a chance to meet some real characters. On Friday nights they have a quiz night that is a hoot. Food and service are very good, especially the ribs and pizza. Good range of wine, spirits and cold beers.


“An Ubud Cafe/Bar Where Expats Go For A Quiet Drink Or Meal” Kokokan

If you are doing the 10k loop walk from Ubud to Sebali and then back by the main road, Jalan Campuhan leading into Ubud this is a good place to stop for a drink or meal on the way back. It is located just after one turns left onto Jl Raya Lungsiakan heading back to Ubud.

It runs a well supported trivia night every Friday and we have rented the whole cafe for our own trivia nights for special occasions. The host will tailor the quiz nights for the audience.


“Ribs And Red Wine” Halfway

I have been to Bali on several occasions and I'm always drawn to the Fly Cafe in Ubud.

I have eaten Fly Cafe's Indo food, fish, steaks and have been impressed with all my meals, but I would say their signature dish is the Spare Ribs. Yum!!!

The Fly is also an Internet Hotspot, so for you Computer Buffs it's a must.

I'm an Aussie who likes his good food and good wine, so I would thoroughly recommend The Fly Cafe to any traveler who is visiting Ubud, Bali.

“Scrumptious Food In A Serene Setting” Lucy Star

Cosy and friendly with oodles of options of western and local fare, Fly Cafe caters to the fussiest of kids too! Try the fish or chicken sate, the pizzas and key lime pie. Then marvel at the nearby ricefields and lush flora in what is a fabulous scenic walk … only to return to Fly Cafe for a welcome cool margarita to congratulate yourself on a great day. 

“One Of The Best Restaurants In Ubud” Bangkok Rod  

I've visited The Fly on three trips to Bali and the place is consistently a great place to eat. The food is varied and the value is excellent: lower prices for food that exceeds the food at higher prices in other restaurants in Ubud. The restaurant and the kitchen are spotlessly clean - rare in Bali!

An aspect of The Fly I've enjoyed is that there are always local expats there - e.g. Americans, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis - and they are friendly towards tourists (well the ones I've met were) and are good sources of information. The Fly advertises a trivia quiz on Friday nights. Never been, but the expats say it is popular.


“If You Only Go To One Restaurant/Cafe In Ubud,

Make It This One” Clarke  

I'm not accustomed to using superlatives but my three visits to the Fly Cafe have given me good cause to do so with a rare lack of restraint.

The first thing that will strike you is the breadth of the menu - it's uncommonly expansive. But don't think this results in an aggregation of the quality.

Over a day and a half I had an inspiring breakfast, a captivating and relaxing lunch and a gloriously long, four-course dinner (my stomach couldn't manage a fifth, despite my mind and taste buds conspiring to persuade it to relent).

Each was simple and superb. The ingredients are clearly all fresh and first-class. The preparation is magical. The presentation, charming. And the tastes are uniformly tantalising and distinctive.

You may just have time for a quick snack. But if you can find time for a long luncheon or dinner of sensory indulgence, your effort will be well rewarded. Beyond the fabulous food, the wine list is small but excellent. The beer is unusually cold.

It's my favourite eatery in Ubud, if not Bali.


“Many A Happy Visit” Stu & Mitch

Have been here many many times over a number of years - all for lunch (would love to visit for dinner). Friendly staff, great service, great food - and really well priced. Also a great range - from nice curries to great wraps. I just wish there was one of these down in Seminyak. A (quiet) Ubud icon that we kiwis always visit and love. If only I could 'fly' back there tomorrow.

“The BBQ Ribs Are The Best. Save Room For The Key Lime Pie” Jelemans

Had the opportunity to eat at the Fly Cafe during our stay in Ubud. The ribs were good. The sauce was a sweet and spicy type, but not too sweet or too spicy. The Key Lime Pie was the best.


“Fly Cafe - A Great Spot To Chill In Ubud, Bali” Chelc

I am at the Fly Cafe now ... There is fast, free Internet (for customers), lots of outlets, nice outdoor dining under a veranda, and great prices. You can get a mojito for $3.50, a Bintang beer for $1.50, and a full meal for under $3.50. The special on their board right now is for saté mahi-mahi with local vegetables, spicy peanut sauce and rice, all for $3.50 or Rp35,000.

In addition to it being cheap to eat, the staff is very friendly and the kitchen is incredibly clean. The bathrooms are even tourist friendly.

The menu is varied with cuisines from around the globe, including pizza and wraps, although they tout the world's best BBQ ribs on the menu board. 

Stop in ... it's a little out of the way, so you'll probably need a motor bike to get here, which you can rent for $3-4 a day.


“Best BBQ Ribs In Ubud” Ms Piggy

There are many good places to eat and kick back in Ubud. The Fly Cafe is off the beaten path, and has a menu that will agree with all tourists from around the globe and all at low prices. The food is always fresh and delicious, and a hang out for hashers from around the globe as well. Cold beer, great selection of wines, and great Balinese service.

A Rave Review From The Cookie Monster On YouTube

Fly Café is my favorite café in Ubud. In this video I introduce you to my favorite café in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Cozy little spot, good friends, tasty food, cheap prices and ultra yummy:

Free WiFi, Free Flyday Night Quiz, And Free Live Music

Drop in any day of the week for the best value meal in Ubud, and check your emails or surf the web, free of charge. BYO laptop.

Join the diverse crowd who teem in every Friday night for the Flyday Night Quiz. Academics, Alcoholics, and Barflies are all welcome. It’s a fun free night in Ubud.

And enjoy a diversity of live music every Saturday night amongst a colourful crowd of interesting expats.

Fly cafe Ubud Restaurant

A Few Popular Dishes From The Extensive Menu. Yum!

Hot Chicken Wings – Spicy and ultra yummy!
Tuna Sambal Matah – Scrumptious spicy tuna pieces.
Opor Ayam – Chicken chunks, Balinese spices, coconut milk.
Pork Ribs – Bali’s best ribs with famous secret spicy sauce. Yum!
Grilled Tuna Panini – Cheese, mushroom, onion, mayo, oregano.
Grilled Fish – Mahi-Mahi fillet, Balinese veg, rice, chili sauce.
Falafel Sandwich Wrap – Falafel, salad, hummus sauce.
Pizza Ala Fly – Chorizo, ham, onion, black olives, 3 cheeses.
Tuna Salad Ala Fly –Grilled tuna patty on noodles and salad.

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Fly Café is located on the main road in Lungsiakan Ubud Bali Indonesia. Email or telephone (+62361) 975440. Fly Café is open 7 days, 8am to 10pm for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Yum!

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